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Modernising patios at Lesmahagow

The patio still, for many people, is a grey slab of concrete that sits forlornly at the back of a property. Underutilised and uncared for, many a patio falls in to disrepair.

However, times are changing and the patio has come of age. With more and more people realising that we can enjoy and ‘live’ in the outdoors, patios at Lesmahagow homes are enjoying somewhat of a resurgence.

But, if you still think of a patio a dull, boring and slightly bland, think again!

  • Fire pits – these are becoming increasingly popular for those who use their patio on a regular basis. Kinder to the environment that patio heaters, fire pits are a common feature in many gardens. Large metallic bowls, with a grated cover make the perfect centre piece, throwing out some serious heat as well as the mesmerising light of the dancing flames.
  • Solar powered lighting – enjoying the patio in an evening is a real possibility with the addition of solar powered lighting. But, if you think this style of lighting is weak, take a fresh look. The sophistication of panels is such that the light given off is now far brighter, and longer lasting than ever before. There are all kinds of styles too in the light fixtures and fittings; why not opt for the blanket fairy light look or, try the olde-worlde lamps?
  • Planting – being in the garden, and enjoying it, is all about exciting the sense, smell being one of them. Patios at Lesmahagow make perfect venues to sit and relax so why not aid this relaxation with some well planted and softly scented plants and shrubs. Lavender is well-known for its soothing properties, perfect for brushing past as you walk to the patio or why not honeysuckle and other climbers, some that give off their scent in the evening breeze.
  • Furniture and accessories – of course, enjoying the patio is very much dependent on what furniture you have there to sit and relax on. As well as the range of traditional patio furniture, opt for outdoor cushions and soft furnishings, perfect for lounging on. Beanbags are popular, as well as large floor cushions. Rugs are great too, as well as throws. They add colour and texture, perfect for any patio.
  • Shade – patios at Lesmahagow can be unbearable if they are in direct sun and thus, casting some shade is a welcome respite from the hot sun. Pergolas are the traditional way of casting shadow on a patio, and are still popular today. Use it to train climbing plants too, for additional colour, shade and delicate sweet aromas.

Patios at Lesmahagow homes can be areas of sheer beauty within a garden; what will yours look like?

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