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Driveways Glasow provides a full patio supply and installation service to the Neilston area.

Ideas for accessorising patios at gardens and homes

Patios are a brilliant addition to any property; they create a platform on which you can socialise, relax, the children can play and you can enjoy the warmer months of summer.

However, they don’t have to be blank, grey, dull rectangles of concrete that are simply a place to sit! Accessorising patios at gardens can really bring them to life…

Not just for daylight hours – lighting and heat

The patio is not just for day time fun and frolics. With long summer evenings stretching out in front of you, imagine being able to sit and enjoy the cool, fresh evening air… but not sitting in the dark. The two factors that instantly make a difference to patios are heat and light;

Heat – patio heaters are not considered the most environmentally friendly and for good reason; they use gas, a non-renewable energy source, and the heat can be effectively lost in an instant. A more localised and far friendlier way to heat the area is the use of fire pits.

They create an amazing central and focal point too, with the dancing flames being mesmerising for you and your guests.

Lighting – the fire pit will throw out a golden glow, as well as some serious heat but, there is also a growing range of solar powered lighting that can make an instant impact on the patio area.

With hardly any running costs, these are a great investment and in most cases, are fairly simple to install too.

A sensory experience

The garden should be a sensory experience, with plenty of plants and accessories to not only look at, but touch, sound and smell too.

Plants provide a huge amount of amount of sensory experiences;

  • Smell – the aroma from plants is a given, especially with such as flowers as night scented stocks and lavender. Planting these kinds of plants around patios will mean that as people sit and enjoy the garden, they will be enveloped in sweet aroma of plants.
  • Feel – plants can also provide an interesting addition to a garden by grazing legs and fingers as your guests make their way to your patio
  • Sound – the planting of various grasses and the like around patios also adds sound to the garden, really making it a multi-layered garden of sensory experience. As the breeze gently blows, the grass will provide a delightful backdrop of relaxing sound.

Patios at Lenzie are a simply perfect addition. You will wonder how you managed without one…

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