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Driveways Glasgow provide a patio design and construction service to the Larkhall area.

The benefits of patios at Larkhall gardens

Is your garden beautiful? But, do you feel it is lacking something? For many people, they feel that as beautiful as their garden and outdoor space is, it lacks somewhere to sit, relax, entertain and so on. The lawn is a great space but, it not always the most satisfactory of platforms on which to play or entertain.

Patios, however, have come on leaps and bounds since the grey slab on concrete that many associate with the 1970s and 80s. They were a simple addition to a garden, usually placed at the back of the house and on to which you stepped, straight out of the back door.

Patios at Larkhall properties have changed. They have come of age; they have been freed from the constraints of that once shackled them to be connected to a property…

Anywhere goes – quite literally

A patio is no longer the platform of grey flags that runs along the exterior of your property. It can be hidden away in a secrete corner of the garden, or it can be directly in front of your property… anywhere in fact.

Traditional or with a twist of modern

The traditional patio was based on the Spanish walled courtyard that acted as a sun and heat trap during the day and into the evening. Patios at Larkhall properties, as a result, tend to be one platform, one layer and then accessorised accordingly.

However, as the patio is now free from these constraints, you can have more than one level to your patio, if you so desire. Decking is made from wood (or a composite material) and raised above the ground but a patio starts at ground level – and you can build up from there.

Features and accessories

The patio can be accessorised to your hearts content. Fire pits are a great accessory but not a firm favourite with families with the open flame but nevertheless, it can add to the ambience of an evening.

Many patios in Larkhall are including the sooth melody of water, anything from the smallest water foundation to a waterfall are all contenders for your own design.

It really is what you make it

The patio is a place that can be a designed around your family and you. It can be as plain, or as ornate as you like it. And don’t forget that the great thing about the patio is it versatility and modular design; create the platform and add on as you desire, and your budget allows.

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