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Designing patios – is there a right or a wrong way?

When looking to design functional patios for Kingspark properties and gardens, putting down ideas and drawing sketches on pieces of paper can go a long way to getting the right one for you!

There is no doubt that drawing a plan will save you a lot of time, energy and money as you can see how your patio could look and whether it will be big enough, meeting your needs.

But, what factors do you need to consider?

Shape, size and materials are the three key considerations you need to bear in mind in order for your new creation to be the exact one you want and dream of. Patios at Kingspark properties also need to be in proportion to your garden and property. One that is too big will simply swamp your garden, and too small a patio will mean that it will not be useable to its full potential.

Likewise, shape plays an important factor in this too proportion debate too; a circular or half-circle patio is great but if you intend entertaining large parties, you will need a large circular. What you may find, is that the use of connecting circles may be the answer. Be creative!

Design it

The best way forward when designing patios for your Kingspark property is scaled drawings but for this may be a step too far for those of us not confident in math and scaled drawings! However, there are many free online design software programs that can provide this function for you (avoid paying for such software as they tend to be too complex and involved for what you need at this point). However, software can help you play around with shapes and size in relation to your property and garden.

Level changes

If you are planning to create the patio yourself, unless you have the skill set and tools necessary, avoid introducing level changes. However, investing in the professional design and installation services of a company such as Driveways Glasgow means that potentially exciting level changes could be delightfully incorporated into your patio!

Adding level changes to patios in Kingspark gardens adds interesting features from small steps inviting to take a journey along the paved area, to creating raised flower beds. Lighting and other features such as water features can also be incorporated.

Spend wisely!

Many people assume that patios for Kingspark properties will mean a large budget is needed but, as with many things, investing in a reputable company who can create you an interesting, yet functional patio will cost the same as a badly planned, badly designed and badly laid patio; in the latter case, you are invariable wasting your cash.

What does tend to increase the cost of the patio is the materials you choose to build it from but, with a patio that could last years, investing in the right patio from the very start is the way forward! What is your perfect patio

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