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Create your patio – then accessorise it!

Opting to have a patio designed and built in your garden is a great move; it means you have a sound spot underfoot to sit and soak up the summer sun. The kids have somewhere safe to play too and you also have a ready-made platform on which to entertain.

Imagine how pleasant it would be to have BBQs, with family and friends on your sparkling new patio?

However, patios at Croftfoot properties are only half-finished once they have been built – you must now accessorise it to make it the comfortable space you want and need it to be…

  • Seating – the greatest addition to patios in Croftfoot gardens is the seating. But don’t be content with a rickety deckchair! The current fashion on patio seating are the incredibly comfy deep seats, on a par with the sofa and chairs that are found in lounges and living rooms. But, don’t just get the chairs…
  • Cushions, throws and pillows – once you have the chairs, dress them up and accessorise them as you would the furniture in your lounge or indoor rooms! Invite people to stay a while and relax, enjoy the warmth of the summer days, and the coolness of summer evenings. A great way for patios in Croftfoot gardens to be havens of peace and tranquillity is to surround the patio edges with delightfully fragrant plants and flowers.
  • Lighting – but not just electric light. Candles, torches and lanterns are a delightful way to add a sparkle of elegance to patios in Croftfoot. Citronella candles are great for outdoor use as they act as a natural repellent to those pesky flying insects that can cause such a nuisance when we are attempting to relax and enjoy the space.

It always pays to be extra vigilant when it comes to the use of candles, both in and out of doors.

  • Clocks and thermometers – many people treat their patios in Croftfoot as an outdoor, open room, adding some great accessories such as clocks and thermometers. They can be hung formally on posts or walls, or why not lean them nonchalantly against gates and walls?
  • Wildlife – sitting and watching the delights of wildlife all around us is a great way to take a side step out of our busy lives every now and then. Adding accessories to patios in Croftfoot that encourage birds and insects into the garden is a great way of doing this. Birdhouses can add the delight of delicate bird song but why not invite more in? Ladybird ‘houses’ in old wood is a great way of watching these delightful creatures (great for controlling greenfly) or why not plant shrubs that attract butterflies?
  • Art – more and more people are realising that garden art or sculptures are great ways of adding interest and appeal to a garden. However, the modern form has a nod to recycled and reused materials and there are many ways of incorporating this into the garden.

Are you thinking of adding a patio to your garden? How would you accessorise it?

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