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Patios – blossom with the right furniture!

Patios are a great addition to any Cathcart home and garden; they allow us to use the outside of our properties, a place to relax and enjoy; a safe, flat area for children to play and a great place to entertain.

Once the patio is built, however, your next major choice will be the furniture to adorn it!

So, what materials of furniture will look good on patios?


Looking for an inexpensive option, plastic is your choice. Not only that, it is light and portable too, so moving it around the patio or garden is not difficult. Likewise, plastic chairs can often be stacked neatly away and many items of patio furniture such as this are now made from recycled plastic and materials too.

BUT, they can be flimsy things and not known for lasting a long time. Despite their ease of movement as they are light, this lightness in weight also means that in wind they are frequently seen being tumbled about the garden.
Looking for ‘make do’ items that are easily washable and moveable? Plastic is the way to go for cheapness.


A favoured material by many for patios, but there are many wood types to choose from. If you want a casual, natural and effortless look, then the range of wood furniture items is the right place to start looking.

Hard woods last a long time, known for their durability, often lasting up to 50 years of more. Treating them well, with some TLC from time to time with oils and sealants will increase its lifespan.

Soft woods are also popular and made for good items for patios in Cathcart and beyond; for example, pressure treated pine is resistant to rot and water damage, and can last up to 20 years.

Looking for something a little more rustic that will last longer? Wood patio furniture is great, but stay clear of untreated soft woods as they will warp easily.


Still a popular material, wicker can wither be natural or synthetic but gives the same cosy, rustic feel and look to patios. Outdoor sets of furniture tend to be made from synthetic type wicker, as this has a better resistance to weather, making it far more durable. Some sets of furniture come with a 20 year guarantee and benefit from the odd hosing to keep them clean.

Looking for something different? Then wicker is a good choice with many different designs and shapes now coming on the market.


Patios across Cathcart are strewn with metal patio furniture, from the plain minimalist look to the more ornate and decorative wrought iron. Some furniture sets are expensive as the cost of metal has increased but still a firm favourite with many households, there is more choice than ever when it comes to metal patio furniture.

Thinking about installing a patio? Call us to get a well-designed and installed patio, enjoying the best furniture for you this summer!

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