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Driveways Glasgow provide a driveway design and construction service to the Shawlands area.

Does a renovated driveway add value to your home?

When we invest in a property, for many of us we are investing years of hard work and cash into a family home that will shelter us for many years to come. A long term investment, by looking after our properties both structurally and aesthetically, we could in decade to come reap high financial reward.

Investing in driveways for Shawlands is an important way of adding value; it can add monetary value but it adds outstanding ‘kerb appeal’, setting your home apart from others on your street or in your area, making it a far more attractive option for buyers or tenants.

Which material is best?

There are many materials that make for great driveways for all Shawlands properties; there are materials that have been around for a long time, as well as some new, modern, colourful alternatives that more householders are looking to add an extra element of design to the exterior of your property.

What affect are you looking for?

Something affordable – asphalt suits most budgets, even the tightest budgets can should the use of asphalt on driveways in Shawlands. Fabulous too if you are not a fan or have the time for maintenance, it is a driveway material that is quick to install – so no waiting around or parking your car on the road for days waiting for materials to ‘set’ or harden.

BUT, it can get very hot in the beating sun and it can crack. The moral of this story, get a professional driveway installer to do the job properly the first time.

Something decorative – brick is a popular driveway material, because it gives a please overall effect of symmetry and design. Suitable for most driveways in Shawlands too, laying a brick driveway however, takes time and skill. Although some opt to do as a DIY job it can take a very long time for the inexperienced and, if the foundation structure is not sound enough, it will slip and move, ruining the final effect.

Something that suits your property – if you have an older style property, asphalt and concrete, along with the new modern materials simply will not do but cobblestones would! At one time, each stone was laid individually BUT, technology and manufacturing processes have moved on and now the cobble stone look can be achieved with ‘tiles’. BUT, they can be slippery in the rain and the most comfortable (or safe) to walk on either.

Something grand looking – then opt for gravel! The satisfying crunch underfoot and tyre is something that attracts people to gravel, along with the range of colours and effects that can be created with this material. But sloping driveways in Shawlands may not be suited to this material as it moves…

Something practical and hardwearing – concrete is still the material many people opt for when it comes to durability and strength. If you think it’s boring, think again – concrete can now be ‘dyed’ and printed with patterns. Great if you are not a fan of maintenance, concrete is a versatile material.

What material would you choose?

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