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Driveways Glasgow provide a driveway design and construction service to the Neilston area.

Why driveways are more important than you think…

The driveway is a resource at many property that offers a safe, secure area to park the car. It is also the place that offers security for children playing too. It is a welcome outdoor space that is flat and useful.

However, this functionality can lead the driveway being seen as nothing more than a slab of concrete. It has a more important function to play than that.

Water – a precious resources

The discussion around global warming, its causes and effects is still being fiercely debated. In this debate is the discussion around water and how, as a natural resource, our built environment is causing issues with it.

Weather, they tell us, will change and we will experience longer, prolonged periods of weather, from hot, sunny spells in summer, to periods of wet weather in winter.

Rainwater in the built environment is seen as the enemy. Despite being relatively benign in character, rainwater is erosive and thus, it has been common practice for decades that rainwater needs to be channelled away from property as quickly as possible.

As a result, when there is a down pour of rain, gallons and gallons are channelled away down the drains. So much in fact that they can become overwhelmed and thus, localised flooding can result.
New, green driveways at Neilston properties can help prevent this.

Waving goodbye to localised flooding?

Greener driveways at Neilston properties is one wave of stopping localised flooding. Although temporary – the water clears but can take many hours – having cold, dirty rainwater seeping through your home is heart wrenching.

Rainwater, if it is allowed to seep through and takes its natural course in to the water table below, may be the solution to preventing this flooding and so, many people are now investing in greener driveways.

Does this mean using plants?

Many people do associate a more environmentally friendly driveway as one that is covered in greenery. There are many driveways that do incorporate the use of hardy, alpine type plants in some sections of it.

However, a green driveway can mean a permeable one. This means, using materials that allow the rainwater to soak through the top layers materials down to the water table below.

Does this mean ripping up your current driveway?

No, but any new driveway laid will need to show that the rainwater is able to seep through the layers of material, in to the water table below.

How will your driveway look? What will it be made from?

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