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Accessorising patios at North Lanarkshire properties

Patios are meant to be fun, vibrant places for all the family to enjoy – but why are so many still ending up as boring platforms at the bottom of the garden? As you plan the design of your patio, think accessories that will add pleasure, form and function.

But what can you add?

Patios South Lanarkshire


Water is soothing and pleasant and there are two great ways of adding this element to your patio:

  1. Waterfall – waterfalls on patios at North Lanarkshire can turn it in to a relaxing paradise. The gentle movement of water produces a delightful sound that instantly calms and soothes the mind, body and soul. There are all kinds of waterfalls and features available so there is something to suit every patio and every budget.
  2. Hot tub – becoming increasingly common in gardens across the country, the hot tub was once the preserve of a luxurious spa but now, with modern manufacturing techniques, the hot tub is now far more affordable. From a fixed, structure to a robust blow up hot tub, there is something decadent about hot tubs on patios at North Lanarkshire gardens.


Using the patio all year round is a great way of getting the best out of any patio and thus, adding heat to the space is simply a must.

However, the gas powered patio heaters are not considered to be environmentally friendly, neither are they cheap. Many people are opting for the fire pit. The burning of wood, logs and coal in some cases, throws off a better heat.
It is also a great way to spend time with family and friends, watching the glow of the fire as you laugh and talk.

You can also make that fire work even harder for you – and we don’t just mean BBQ-ing! Why not take a look at a pizza oven in the garden on the patio? A great way to cook outside but also throw off some serious heat.


Sitting in the dark is all well and good but sometimes, having some light is also a great way to make patios at North Lanarkshire more useable too.

They don’t have to be connected to the mains, as solar panel technology is now even better and thus, the light they give off is now even better.

What will your patio look like?

The patio is an area that should be used – and just on summer days. How will you design yours? What will you include?

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