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Patios East Renfrewshire

What can be added to patios at East Renfrewshire to make them simply perfect?

The patio is a great addition to any home, no matter how large or small the outside space is. In fact, the patio can make any outdoor space far more user friendly. But, it does not have to be a flat void of space, it can be brimming with fun ideas and accessories.

Patios East Renfrewshire

Which ones will you opt for?

  • Shade

Patios at East Renfrewshire are great for enjoying the heat of summer but sitting in the glaring sun is not always comfortable. In this case you need a little shade and there is a perfect way of providing this at the patio, with the addition of a pergola.

A pergola is a frame, usually made from wood that is built to surround the patio. This in itself can provide shade but many homeowners go on to create a green wall of plants. Using climbing plants such as a clematis provides colour, as well as natural shade.

  • Lighting

Lights can be added to patios at East Renfrewshire either by using mains power for outside lights or by using a range of solar powered lighting. You can make lighting a permanent feature of the garden and patio, or you can use some of the cheaper outdoor lights that can be brought in at the end of summer.

That said, most outdoor lights, from the pretty floral strings of lights, to fixed lighting are more than able to withstand the elements.

  • Heat

Not many people think of adding heat to their patios but it instantly means that you can use the patio for not only more months in the year, but also longer on any given day.

Patios heaters are a possibility but tend to be expensive. They are also dubious in terms of environmental impact but the fire pit, on the other hand, is seen by many as a great compromise.

You can opt to have the fire pit built in as part of the patio, or you can opt to buy a grate and use the fire pit this way. There is also a range of chimneas that also add heat and can be used as a BBQ too.

Other examples where people have added interest to a patio is the addition of an outdoor pizza oven – great for throwing out heat too – and what about a hot tub…?

These are just three options for accessorising patios at East Renfrewshire homes. How else would you accessorise and add interest to your patio?

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