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Are patios at East Dunbartonshire properties being used to their full potential?

The likelihood is that there is a patio in a garden somewhere that is not being used to its fullest potential. This is because they may have been badly designed or constructed; maybe they are sited in the wrong place.

Patios East Dunbartonshire

And so, if you are looking for inspiration from patios at other East Dunbartonshire homes, bear these factors in mind:

  • Position is important

Although we love the idea of sitting in the sun all day, siting a patio in a spot that will be under the mid-day sun (and in sun all day) with no shade can make it an uncomfortable place to sit. Either think of placing it in a spot in the garden where it will get some sun – a sunny spot but not too much – but if you are doing this, consider the addition of some permanent shade.

  • Not big enough

This is a common mistake and happens for all kinds of reasons but mainly, lack of budget and foresight as to what patios at East Dunbartonshire could be used for.

Take a moment to think about what you would like to use the patio for. If, for example, you enjoy entertaining and think it would be the main BBQ area and so on, then bigger is better.

  • Sunken, mis-shaped and rutted

When a patio loose the smooth, top surface it is because there is a problem beneath the top layer. To the untrained and unskilled eye, a patio may sound like a dream weekend DIY project, after all it is a flat surface in the corner of the garden – what could possibly go wrong?

Incorrect foundation layers can mean that rainwater can pool and gather beneath the top surface. Not only that, as it drains away it will also erode the layer underneath and thus, the top layer with crack, dip and move etc.

In other words, it will not be a useable space and will start to look lonely and forlorn at the bottom of the garden.

  • Plain boring

The patio is a flat, normally ground level surface made from a hard material such as flag stones, paving stones or even concrete.

Unfortunately, many of the examples from decades ago were just that: Grey. Plain. Boring. With new technologies and manufacturing techniques, concrete can be coloured and stamped. There is also a range of stones available too so that the patio can be pleasing to look at, as well as use.

How will yours look?

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