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Driveways Glasgow provide a gravel driveway design and construction service to the Glasgow area.

Gravel driveways – suitable for Glasgow properties?

There is no other driveway material that looks as delightful as gravel; no other driveway material gives the satisfying crunch under foot or tyre. There is something appealing about gravel as a driveway material.
The good news is, it is an easy material to work with but the bad news is, this material may not be suited to all properties.

The bad news – driveways on an incline

If your driveway leads up to your property or falls away from your property, anything bigger than a small incline will mean that when there is heavy rain, a top layer of the gravel could be washed away.

Don’t forget gravel driveways at Glasgow properties are not made from a material that is fixed. Although gravel is compacted, it will still move especially when there is heavy rain.

This means that the gravel will either be a heap at your front after a winter storm, or running away down the road.

It is a driveway that still needs foundation

Many people assume that my throwing down a bag or two or gravel, they have created not only a stunning driveway but one that will last a long time.

The truth is that without correct foundations, the driveway will dip with deep pot holes. The foundations of a gravel driveway will include any drains (if needed), as well as larger aggregate (stones), then a layer of smaller stones and so on until the top layer is reached.

A pretty top layer

The top layer of gravel is of course the material that you can see. There are a variety of colours in the pea-sized gravel that driveway installers recommend but, as the gravel has been processed to make it smaller etc., it can be pricier than you think.

However, the great thing about gravel driveways at Glasgow properties is that the top layer can be added to time and time again. Thus, once you have the budget to continue with a top layer of the gravel you desire, you simply start adding it.

Minimal maintenance

When installed correctly with foundations and so on, gravel driveways can be incredibly hardy with very little maintenance needed. It may need the odd weed pulling out every now and then and, if the driveway is under constant use, it pays to keep topping up the top layer too. But this is not an expense that you will need to suffer too frequently.

Gravel driveways at Glasgow properties are incredibly appealing, sitting well with the exterior of any homes. Why not find out more today? Call us now!

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driveway glasgow
driveway glasgow
driveway glasgow