Winter Driveways Problems

29 November 2021

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The winter is challenging for all parts of your home but the driveway faces some unique challenges.  From the iciness to the damage caused by snow, cracks opening due to ice and the constant mould issues from rain, there's a lot of winter driveway problems to contend with.

Ice can cause all sorts of problems for your driveway because it can force its way into cracks or gaps in the surface. It can even get under your driveway sealant and cause serious damage, which means you will need to use a specialist sealing product when it's time for repairs!

If snow is simply cleared away without being compacted before doing so, why not choose an ice melter that works well with the snow?

Another issue can be the constant rain that we seem to see almost more of than the snow in recent years.  This can lead to a build-up of mould and mildew on the driveway that can eat into the surface, which in turn can lead to more cracks.  You may need to use a specialist cleaner when it comes time for driveway re-sealing!

All of these problems can cause a lot of damage to your driveway and sadly it's not often covered by insurance. If you're in the middle of repairing small cracks, filling holes or dealing with surface rust then why not talk to us about restoring your drive for good! You'll be glad you did when spring comes around again!





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