Summer - Time for a Patio

29 June 2021

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If there’s one time of the year that a patio really stands out, it is the summer.  When the sun shines on the paving slabs, they are almost warm enough to walk on barefoot and they create a cosy spot for you to sit and enjoy the weather.

But that’s not the only reason that patios are one of the top types of landscaping in our gardens.  They are quick to install and can handle more uneven ground because they can be lifted above it.  You can create areas at different heights so even tiered gardens can be conquered.

Patios also need very little upkeep.  Hose them down with some patio cleaning products or even some warm water and liquid soap to keep away mildew and moss over the winter and you will have a spring entertaining area in your garden ready to go.

There’s also plenty of fancy styles of patio that go beyond the basic square or rectangular slab pattern.  Circles, shapes and mosaic-style patios add a real feature to the garden as well as being practical.

If you think your garden would benefit from a patio this summer, give Driveways Glasgow a call and we can give you a quote for the space you have and the patio you want to create a perfect outdoor entertaining area.






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