Decorative Chip Driveways

28 October 2021

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Decorative chippings are great for use in any garden project but are also a stunning way to add a finishing surface to your driveway. There is a huge range of options available and they are easy to install but that isn't the only reason to consider them. Here are a few more.

Low cost alternative to other driveway materials

The reason why decorative chippings is a great alternative for your driveway is that it provides a low-cost solution to other more expensive options. This is why you will want to consider adding them to your driveway as an attractive and low-cost option. In addition, this is a great way of not only protecting the environment but also providing proper drainage which is essential for preventing damage from car tires.

Ease of installation

In terms of installation, this can be done by anyone with access to a shovel and wheelbarrow. The chips are first placed along the edge of the driveway and high enough so that it does not mix with the gravel.

For best results, it's important to distribute them evenly throughout the strip before using a shovel or rake to spread them out. It is important to note that any excess chips should be swept back into the pile so it does not get in the way of vehicles moving through your driveway.

The final surface needs to be compacted using a hand or gas-powered roller before topping with sand and sweeping over until you have achieved an even finish ready for top dressing.

Re-use of recycled materials helps to protect the environment

In addition, using a low cost alternative such as these decorative chippings is a great way for protecting not only your wallet but also the environment. This is because any unused chips can be reused again and resold which means that you are saving money while at the same time




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